Dena Sabou, Hyperbarics Director & Parent Educator


Dena Sabou is a well-known autism awareness advocate in South East Michigan and patient/physician educator for Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy. She is also a part-time parent coach, biofeedback therapist, and director of our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy program at Natural Balance Wellness.

Dena’s passion for education and children is truly inspiring. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Science and becoming an elementary and middle school teacher, her youngest son was diagnosed with Autism. This changed her life both personally and professionally. In the years that followed she researched autism extensively and became a clinical assistant with a number of biomedical experts (including working in our office). Along the way she herself became well versed in dietary interventions, nutritional supplementation, neurofeedback, Son-rise play therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Dena has experienced first hand the benefits of these interventions with her son. He is now six, in mainstream kindergarten, and considered medically recovered from Autism. Dena is dedicated to supporting parents on the journey to recovering their children and currently she wears many hats to help her achieve this goal.