Platinum Hyperbaric Program

This program is ideal for individuals wishing to experience the health benefits of a hyperbaric chamber, but who are also looking for medical supervision and nutraceutical supplementation to enhance specific healing protocols. For example, inflammation, mitochondria, gut healing, athletic recovery. This program also includes increased direct access to Dr. Boggess via email, text, phone.

Program Details

This program is $3,600 and it includes:

Interview with Dr. Boggess, chamber selection, 60 min

Dr. Boggess History Intake Physical exam and lab selection, 90 min

Lab Review #1,  Assessing nutritional baseline, oxidative stress, neurochemistry and mitochondria, 90 min

Lab Review #2, Genetic Assessment, 90 min

Any additional time will be billed at the hourly rate of $600/hr

Dr. Boggess’ standard medical services include the use of hyperbaric, and take advantage of group educational sessions to make it more affordable for patients. For information on those services, please visit  Dr. Boggess New Patient Bundle