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Dr. Tony Boggess is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, speaker, and writer who specializes in Nutritional and Biomedical Rehab for adults and children. He and his wife, Lilian founded Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center, which has developed into a nationally-recognized center known for its individualized and multi modal approach to patients.

Dr. Boggess earned his Doctorate from Midwestern University in Chicago, completed his specialty training at the University of Michigan, and earned additional certification in Medical Acupuncture through Stanford University. He has a long list of academic accolades, including the Army Medal of Achievement and many letters, lists, and honors related to his undergraduate and graduate careers. As a physician, he has received multiple Patient Choice and Compassionate Care nominations and awards since the clinic first opened its doors in 2008.

Known for his pioneering approach to assessing genetic predisposition, Dr. Boggess is the visionary back bone to the center’s “Precision Medicine & Advanced NeuroCare” programs, attracting patients to Ann Arbor from all over the US and abroad. Recognized for its reputation for addressing perplexing illness, the Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center is able to boast successes in helping patients and families with problems considered unsolvable, or otherwise not fully addressed by other doctors and clinics.

As the medical director of Natural Balance, Dr. Boggess is interested in a wide variety of clinical approaches, but he especially enjoys leading patient education sessions for his Precision Medicine clinics. He is passionate about teaching and his enthusiasm rains through in his style of facilitating both small and large group seminars. He also has a special affinity for working with families, especially those with struggling children, and he strives to help them understand their genetics as a unit. His story is a labor of love and the novel programs and medical center he has created were born from overcoming his own personal health challenges and professional frustrations. We invite you to learn more about this by reading his chapter in Jack Canfield’s best selling book The Road to Success.

His professional mission can be summarized as an effort to educate patients and the public about genomics and other novel approaches to health and healing through his medical center and video clinics. He also assists other healthcare professionals, doctors, and clinics to provide patient-centered education services through his third party consulting company.

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Dr. Soorya is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, who alongside the rest of the Natural Balance team, combines conventional medical training with leading-edge concepts in biomedical-functional medicine. Her approaches include holistic prevention and alternatives, detoxification, physical modalities, nutritional therapy, herbs, chelation, and medications (when needed). Dr. Soorya wears many hats in our clinic including co-leading our nationally recognized Precision Medicine & Advanced Neurocare programs and supervising patients undergoing neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen, sleep studies, IV therapies and numerous other clinical activities.

Known for being ahead of the curve, her career path in integrative medicine began long before attending medical school as a research intern for the University of Michigan’s Integrative Medicine Program. There she observed firsthand how a comprehensive, whole person approach led to profound and life changing results for the patient’s she worked with. Recognizing the complex needs of her future patients, Dr. Soorya subsequently made mastering the intricacies of functional medicine a priority by enrolling in the Institute of Functional Medicine’s rigorous training program and seeking board certification.

During her hospital years at Washington University, Dr. Soorya received numerous accolades, including her role as chief resident physician and “Resident of the Year” for her work ethic, leadership qualities and excellent bedside manner.

Presently, Dr. Soorya’s passions lean towards supporting our clinic patient’s and using her numerous layers of training to inspire hope, health and happiness in the many patients who come to our clinic from all over the country.

Dr. Soorya joins us as an integral member of the Natural Balance Team. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, Indian classical dance, travel, and yoga for her own personal development.

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Dr. Theresa Basinger’s passion for integrative medicine was borne out of frustration after multiple pediatric providers were unable to assist with her son’s immune problems and daughter’s neurological delays. Her search culminated in joining our clinic with a passion for promoting and practicing the nutritional-biomedical medicine that ultimately helped her family.

As a Pharm D, Dr. Basinger brings a unique perspective to our clinic. Her extensive biochemistry and pharmacologic knowledge positions her ideally to understand how nutraceuticals enhance and repair physiological pathways. Her primary clinical focus is neurotransmitter imbalances, hormone & thyroid balance restoration, mitochondrial health, and methylation defects and she works closely with Dr. Boggess.  She is a committed patient advocate and thoroughly enjoys educating patients to help them fully understand their health issues and the options they have to optimize their health.

Dr. Basinger as a rule is an integral first encounter for all of Dr. Boggess’ one-on-one and group patients. Along side the rest of the Natural Balance team, Dr. Basinger assist diligently in identifying the root cause of illness. She also works one-on-one with patients undergoing neurotransmitter rehab using Hinz protocols and supervises patients undergoing mitochondrial protocols. She realizes that hormones have a powerful effect on your body and can affect many areas of your health.  She has a passion for helping you feel like yourself again by working closely with Dr. Boggess and a compounding pharmacy to restore your hormone balance and thyroid function.

Dr. Basinger earned her pharmacy doctorate from Ohio Northern University and she has over 10 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including hospital, retail, nursing homes and compounding pharmacies. She is married and is the proud mother of two very resilient children. In her free time she enjoys spending quality time with her family and has a passion for photography.

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Dr. Yvonne Berry is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who developed impressive skills and knowledge related to Biotoxin Illness as a result of her own personal struggles. After recognizing the impact of environmental factors on her own health, Dr. Berry compiled information on Mold and Biotoxin Illness into a training manual based on the work of Dr. Ritche Shoemaker, a renowned Biotoxin Illness Specialist, and has been recognized for effectively whittling this complex topic into educational material for physicians and patients alike. She is now ideally poised to help adult and pediatric patients navigate the complexities of this condition.

As background, Dr. Berry grew up in Southfield, Michigan, attained a Bachelors in Biology from Wayne State University, and went on to complete her Medical Doctorate at Wayne State University School of Medicine. In 2001, she completed her Family Medicine training at William Beaumont Hospital and earned her Board Certification. Following her training, she briefly worked at an alternative health care clinic offering holistic medical care and accepted a non-faculty teaching position within her residency program. Due to chronic and debilitating symptoms, later found to be related to Biotoxin Illness, Dr. Berry took a sabbatical from patient care to care for herself and her three young boys. During this time, she received treatment and advice from multiple physicians without much progress. It eventually seemed obvious that a different approach was necessary. After much prayer and consideration, Dr. Berry decided to come under the care of Dr. Boggess. However, even Dr. Boggess’ typically-successful approach wasn’t bringing recovery, which ultimately led to their co- discovery of Biotoxin Illness and Ritchie Shoemaker’s books and training materials. Over the course of a couple years, Dr. Berry intently studied the clinical research and treatment protocols of Dr. Shoemaker. She authored a presentation titled A Physician’s Guide to Understanding Treating Biotoxin Illness, Based on the work of Dr. Shoemaker. This comprehensive presentation has been reviewed by Dr. Shoemaker and is available for purchase on his website, for physicians and patients.  Dr. Berry uses Dr. Shoemaker’s protocol for managing Biotoxin Illness patients. This step-by-step process has proven to help many patients who are suffering from this illness. Dr. Berry truly enjoys teaching patients and finds great satisfaction in helping them regain their health from this debilitating illness.

She and her husband reside in the metro Detroit area with their three school-aged sons.

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Jenna Wunder RD, MPH is a dietitian specializing in whole foods nutrition, the GAPS diet protocol, ALCAT Sensitivity Testing, Candida Overgrowth and NAET allergy elimination techniques. She is well versed in both conventional and holistic dietary principals regarding a variety of conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pain, digestive disorders, weight issues, women’s health, behavioral disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.

With sincere interest to share her knowledge of integrative approaches, Jenna joins Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center following 10+ years at the University of Michigan’s Integrative Medicine where she was the clinical dietitian for the IM Well Center and a program coordinator for their research department. During this time, she also co-developed the UM Healing Foods Pyramid™ and taught whole foods nutrition throughout the UM medical school, nursing school, and other institutions nationwide. Jenna earned her Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Jenna’s passion is to help people help themselves. She has strong clinical skills and her enthusiasm is apparent to all those who seek her guidance. Jenna also enjoys caring for her young son, practicing yoga, and cooking, cooking, cooking.

Jenna was recently interviewed for an article “The Hidden Costs of MSG Derivatives” published in our local Crazy Wisdom Journal, January – April, 2016 Click here to read the full article

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Theresa Edmunds is a Certified Health Counselor (CHC) by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She supports and educates our patients about nutrition and natural living principles. Working along side Dr. Boggess, Theresa reviews a comprehensive NutriQ assessment with most new patients in our clinic and she assists patients and parents with implementing Dr. Boggess recommendations, which can be a challenge for those new to functional medicine or the biomedical approach.

Theresa is known for her “common sense approach” to explaining how food and environment are affecting our health. A consultation with her yields great insights regarding the importance of organic food, good fats, avoiding GMOs, water quality, et cetera (she is our resident expert in whole home water and air filtration planning). She is also a wealth of information regarding non-toxic personal care, cleaning, building materials, cookware, and specific dietary styles.  Prior to her career in Health Counseling, Theresa trained formally as a gourmet chef at George Brown College in Toronto which has allowed her to develop many healing recipes including healing bone broths, and fermented pro-biotic foods.

Theresa is a sought after educator and offers workshops on a variety of health related topics. She teaches continuing education health classes at Monroe Community College and writes a weekly news column, titled, “Food for Thought” for The News Herald newspaper. She is married with a young son and three grown daughters. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, reading, cooking, and Paleo baking.

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John Verhines is the head of Natural Balance’s portable hyperbarics rental and purchase programs. With his background as Dr. Boggess’ Patient Care Assistant, he has been a perfect fit for speaking to the great benefits of hyperbarics to patients young and old. John does all setup and training for our hyperbaric chambers and it brings him joy to see the impact of hyperbarics on patients lives. John has a passion for helping people build a strong foundation in all areas of their lives.

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Our Approach

Our practice specializes in a “Precision” approach to functional and restorative medicine for children and adults of all ages. We are known for our comprehensive team approach, pioneering group patient process, our functional and nutrigenomic testing, and our novel perspective on difficult problems such as MTHFR, Adrenal Fatigue, Autism, mood disorders, and integrative pain management. We address the care of the whole patient utilizing both Conventional AND Integrative Medicine in our quest to treat ‘dis-ease’ and promote ‘Natural Balance.’ The keystone to our approach is to see each child or adult as unique and to avoid categorizing patients based on prevailing opinions, realizing that imbalances stem from genetic, physical, emotional, energetic and environmental factors. We see ourselves as guides and custodians, but ultimately it is the patient or family who must work towards health and balance, and it is your own body that hails as the greatest healer. In essence, we partner with patients and families to achieve health and well-being. Because our repertoire is notably broader than most medical practices we are able to lay more on the table so-to-speak for patients to consider. As a ‘Precision Medical’ practice, treating symptoms with pharmaceutical (i.e. prescription medications) is not our main objective, yet we can and do prescribe medications when necessary to make patients comfortable and functional. However, we do not sweep problems under the drug rug, and will diligently search for the underlying weakness leading to the imbalance. Once identified, we might address problems with lifestyle coaching, nutraceutical supplements , manipulations, acupuncture, bioenergetics, hyperbarics, detoxification, bio-neuro-feedback, or any number of other modalities or approaches we believe in (Special Disclosures).

How We Can Help

Integrative Medical Care

  • Caring for adults and children, assessing genetic susceptibilities to understand symptoms and disease
  • Highly regarded group patient education sessions for new patient orientation and lab reviews
  • Offering conventional & complimentary strategies, treating problems at their source
  • Utilizing a wide range of conventional and complimentary testing to identify the root cause
  • Personalized wellness programs and life-style coaching for optimal health for the whole family

Precision Approach to Mood & Functional Problems

  • stress recovery, chronic fatigue, adrenal (HPA) imbalances
  • chemical sensitivities, detoxification, food and environmental allergies
  • sleep problems, depression, OCD, anxiety, addictions
  • irritable bowel, vague digestive problems, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth
  • autism (ASD), AD(H)D, and other pediatric mood problems (see below)

Family Approach to Autism, AD(H)D, and mood problems

  • biomedical approaches: DAN, GAPS, therapeutic diets, detoxification
  • medical and therapy care for special-needs children and their families
  • guiding families to work together, so they can heal together
  • supporting the entire family unit holistically

Women’s – Men’s Health & Hormones

  •  Menopause, PMS
  •  Thyroid, Adrenal problems
  •  Male & Female hormone imbalance

Perplexing Pain & Physical conditions

  • fibromyalgia / myofascial pain
  • migraine, stress, and substance related headaches
  • injury related or functional/anatomical problems

Addiction Care

  • Personalized biomedical & nutritional healing programs
  • alcohol & recreational drugs (mild to moderated addictions)
  • prescription medication (when appropriate and/or desired)
  • over-the-counter analgesics, sleeping pills, diet pills
  • caffeine, nicotine, chemical sweeteners
  • sugar, carbohydrates, weight gain

We believe that by working as a team we will provide you and your family with the best care available.