Nicole Bowers – New Patients


Nicole is our Head HIRREM Technologist and Department Manager of our Brain Health Center. With her background in Neuroscience and advanced certifications in EEG Brainwave Optimization, her aim is to assist our clients and patrons by balancing and relaxing the brain using one of the most advanced neurotechnologies available today. In her final years of college, Nicole suffered numerous injuries in a car accident, including a mild head injury.  Today she is grateful for modalities such as HIRREM and the opportunity to help others optimize, balance and relax their brains. HIRREM is one of our clinics most used and sought after adjuncts in patients presenting with a range of mood complaints, sleep problems, stress related illness, and head injury. It is also highly sought after by top athletes and other sports enthusiasts to “improve their game.”

Professionally, Nicole holds a degree in Neuroscience from Northern Michigan University and advanced certification and accolades in EEG brain scanning and Brainwave Optimization through Brain State Technologies. Her tenacity and personal story is truly commendable.When she is not busy working or mastering her trade, Nicole enjoys spending time in and on the water and is ever looking forward to summer.


Brainwave Optimization®

During sessions, the actual tones, or notes you hear via earbuds, are scientifically engineered to be within a narrow sound envelope only milliseconds in length. This sound envelope, known in the sound engineering and music business as the ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) envelope is precisely engineered for each tone of each instrument. Therefore, each note is precisely the same length in milliseconds, although the rhythms of the brain may play them back to you and overlay the notes at times. The software algorithms make it so that there is nothing else exactly like those notes because Brain State Technologies used Grammy winning engineers and recording artists to record each of the notes at a recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Practical Brainwave Optimization® Information

1. Remember that every Brain, and every human path, are unique. The brain is our most complex organ, far beyond full human comprehension by scientific or other means, at this time. Just as our skin can heal itself of a wound, and our digestive organs can clear away waste or toxins, so too does the brain have tendencies for bringing itself into balance. The purpose of Brainwave Optimization is simply to give the brain information about its own activity, so it can be supported in its self-balancing – just as we can adjust our appearance by looking into a mirror. Because every brain will have different “tasks” for its self-balancing, based on its own unique traits and a person’s unique life history and intended path, every person’s experience of Brainwave Optimization will be different. I am a unique human being with a unique brain, and my experience of BWO will be unique to me. During the actual sessions, it is my own brain that will be “doing the work”, listening to its rhythms through an acoustic mirror and making self-adjustments in its own way, in its own time. Anything and everything that follows from Brainwave Optimization, is a consequence of my own brain’s unique path to self-optimization, my own history, and my own choices.

2. Have your Vision, Goals, or Intentions. When the brain is relaxed, it is easier to make positive changes in one’s life, to create momentum toward the unique direction that is suited for oneself and no other.

Please ask yourself some or all of the following questions:

What is my true potential?

What would I like to experience, contribute, or achieve in my life?

What do I feel truly moved to do?

What choices am I making, with respect to the circumstances of my life?

3.Care for Yourself. There are many ways that the brain can be supported to optimize its own functioning. Patterns of sleep, physical activity, nutrition, social interactions, attitude, and other features of our lifestyle and choices have meaningful impacts on brain activity and life experience. During my sessions, and for at least 3 weeks afterwards, I can support my brain’s own optimization process. At my discretion, I may consider: Making conscious decisions to limit or avoid certain habits that do not support my overall wellness goals, Observing my own way of responding to stress, as well as my thoughts & perspective, Noticing how I breathe throughout the day, how I sit, stand and carry myself, Deciding if it feels best to either include or avoid other activities in order to allow my brain the space to optimize, Supporting my physical body with extra rest and/or sleep (if needed) as well as satisfying exercise that I enjoy Making food and drink choices to nourish my physical, mental & emotional well being, Being attentive to my sleep habits, so I can use sleep as a healthful means for regular rejuvenation, Listening to my WaveAid nature sound daily, after my sessions are complete, to further support my brain’s ongoing self-optimization.

4.Be mindful of influences on a Brain’s tendency to optimize itself. Everything we do has the potential to impact our brain’s innate tendency to relax and optimize its own functioning certain things I may be doing in my life have potential to compete with, or support, my brain’s tendency to optimize its activity, and whether I decide to change, limit or avoid any of these influences is my choice and responsibility. These might include: Nutritional & lifestyle factors, including alcohol & recreational drug use medications & supplements, especially those that are intended to impact brain functioning other interventions, for example counseling, physical therapy, surgery, botox, etc. Conversely, as my brain optimizes itself, I may experience changes in the way that I, or my body, respond to these and other influences. ONLY I, in conjunction with my medical provider, can make any changes to my prescription drug usage

5.Be aware that the Brain may change itself in unexpected ways the brain is the master regulator of life experience. As brain activity changes, the way we experience life at any level—physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually – has potential to change. During my sessions, I may notice differences in the way I experience sleep patterns & dreams mood and emotional experience sensitivity to myself and others, to my environment, and to anything I ingest, including my medications physical energy level as my brain “sees” itself through the acoustic mirror, it has the opportunity to deeply relax and release potential “stuck” patterns. As these patterns shift, there is a risk to experience changes I did not anticipate. If I have questions or concerns about my own ability to experience this potential type of shift I know that I can best help myself before undergoing sessions by setting up my own support team of trusted healthcare providers, family members and/or friends

Practical: Additional Information

Let’s work together to create the most optimal experience!

In order to give my brain the most time to reach a state of deep relaxation during a session, I am responsible for beingon time. If I am late, my session time will most likely be shortened. Should something arise and I cannot make a session, I will do my best to give at least 24 hours notice and reschedule. Otherwise I may forfeit the cost of the session.

Other practicalities:

Sessions last approximately 2 hours

While you are with us, you may be working with more than one technologist

Dress comfortably so that you can truly relax in the chair

No outside food or drinks, no eating during sessions. Water is provided.

No gum chewing, or items in mouth.

No cell phone or device usage, please set them to “off” or “silent”

Do your best to “let go” of the process and trust your own brain

Water and protein are the building blocks of the brain. Outside of sessions, consider drinking ½ your body weight in ounces each day and increasing your protein intake (extra servings; protein shakes, bars).

Hold Harmless /  How to get the most of your BWO Treatment

Scheduling Sessions

We offer a few different ways to schedule your consecutive sessions. Sessions will vary depending upon your schedule, if you are local or traveling more than two hours one way or if you are coming to us from overseas.

If you are scheduling for your child, please read, sign and submit our Letter to Parents. It contains valuable information on the sessions and what to plan for with your child. Letter to parents of child undergoing Brainwave Optimization®

You may choose one of the following options for your Foundation Series:

  • One session per day for ten days (70 minute running time for adults OR 45 to 60 minute running time for children) 1.5 hours in our Center.
  • One session per day for seven days (100 minute running time for adults) 2.5 hours in our Center
  • Two sessions per day for 5 days (2 – 70 minute running time sessions for adults or 2-45 to 60 minute running time for children) 1.5 hours in our Center.


Tune-ups are done when you feel the time is right. Meaning, once your sessions have been completed and the neural pathway integration time of 6 to 8 weeks have passed and depending on your lifestyle, you may consider coming back for more tune up in either 3 to 6 months.

Pricing and Diagnostic Codes

Foundation Series: $2,000
Tune-ups: $200 per session
Initial Scan: $230

We are considered Out of Network which means our services will be an out of pocket expense. You may use personal checks, cash or credit cards and Flex Pay to pay services. However, we can provide you with a super bill , via email, for each individual session which you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. If you would like to know in advance if your insurance policy and carrier will reimburse some of the cost give them the Diagnostic code below.

Billable Codes Provided with Super Bill: Natural Balance is out of network for all insurance, and we don’t bill your insurance. We will provide you with a super bill for every encounter with the appropriate codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement to you directly. However, please understand that we have literally given up on trying to figure out the whims of insurance and cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed as such. For your reference, we have included the codes we usually provide with your super bill if you want to check with your insurance company ahead of time.

Code Description

90901 Biofeedback by any modality

Diagnosis Codes
If you are a patient of our clinic, we are able to give diagnosis codes for your super bill. If you are not a patient, but you have a diagnosis code from your PCP , Psychiatrist or Therapist, please give us the code(s) and the name of the the person issuing your diagnosis and we will note that information on your super bill.

To schedule your New Patient appointment or if you have any other questions, please contact Day at 855-942-7246, extension 1.

We hope you have found this information helpful and we look forward to working with you!