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Our Brain Health division is well-known for its experience with addressing neurological and psychological conditions from a holistic perspective and multidisciplinary approach. At Natural Balance, we’ve built a full-scale center for the brain and autonomic nervous system, utilizing the very best and safest technologies available.

Brainwave Optimization B2V2®

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process to get started?



A: To get started with sessions at Natural Balance, you will first have to complete a brainwave assessment. To do this, call our Brain Health Center, we will be happy to schedule you!  Please note that on the day of the assessment we will be placing read-only sensors on your scalp and ears. So, please make sure to take off any earrings prior to your appointment and forgo the use of hairspray or heavy hair styling products so that the Technologist has an easy time with sensor placements.

Q: What will I notice once I begin sessions?

A:   Our patients and clients invariably report greater levels of relaxation, optimism, sleeping better, contentment, creativity, alertness, improvement in memory, reading and writing ability, work performance, focus and concentration, and decision making. In addition to all of this, most people tell us that their relationships with others have significantly improved. Friends and family almost always notice a significant change after someone has gone through the sessions, and we love to watch families grow stronger.

Q: How do the sessions actually work?

A: Each session begins by placing read-only sensors on the scalp. The sensors read the electrical activity of your brain and the sophisticated algorithm converts this activity directly into sound for the brain to listen to, in real time.  This is the equivalent of holding up an acoustic mirror for the brain to view itself and allowing it time to relax and auto-calibrate on it’s own terms.

Q: Is Brainwave Optimization® the same thing as ‘neurofeedback?’

A: No.

Brainwave Optimization allows the brain to relax and auto-calibrate on it’s own terms during the 10 session intensive. Traditional neurofeedback requires 40-50 sessions or so to even start seeing marked improvement and uses a form of artificial calibration.

Q: Am I going to have any side effects from Brainwave Optimization®

A: Everyone’s brain is unique, just like our fingerprints.  One surprising re-calibration effect, is the emotional release that often accompany the sessions.  Also, some people do report feeling a little more tired than usual for several days, or even several weeks, at some point during the time period of their sessions. So, it’s very important to set aside enough time for sleep during this time of self-care. 


Q: How did my brain get out of balance in the first place?

A: The simple answer is stress. Both physical stressors and emotional stressors can be very hard on the brain over the course of time. Physical stressors include such things as not getting enough sleep, a poor diet, abuse of drugs or medications, accidents and physical trauma, as well as the hundreds of neurotoxins in our modern environment–coupled with genetic predispositions which make it difficult to process those toxins. These types of stressors and genetic predispositions can even be present during pregnancy and affect a child from birth. Emotional stressors, such as tensions in the home or at work, can also be very taxing on the brain. Every time we encounter something stressful, whether it’s emotional or physical, the brain has to open a new “program” in order to handle the stressor.

Our brains are a lot like computers. You probably know that having too many programs running in the background on your computer requires a lot of resources and will cause your system to slow down and become unstable. Even if those programs were necessary at some point in the past, sometimes they still continue to run even after they have served their usefulness. Eventually you have to go and close out those programs in order for the computer to start operating efficiently again. Similarly, with the brain, every day we see people with incredibly high amplitudes in their lower frequencies. These are the frequencies associated with unconscious autonomic processes. However, all of that amplitude is stealing amplitude away from the higher frequencies—which are associated with conscious processing and higher-level decision making. When we can go in and close down some of those old programs running in the lower frequencies, we free up more memory, so to speak, for the higher frequencies of the brain. After that, your brain is free to do a lot more heavy lifting than it was previously.

Brainwave Optimization® is a registered trademark of Brain State Technologies, LLC.  Brainwave Optimization  is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. Brainwave Optimization  is intended to facilitate relaxation and auto-calibration of neural oscillations.