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Many patients come to us from outside of Michigan. In such case, we customize visits based on the complexity of the patient/situation, and whether or not you are traveling from out-of-state or overseas. A paid, 30-minute, phone meeting with the doctor can be scheduled to provide the opportunity to talk with the doctor and help to solidify one’s decision to work with our clinic. Once schedule many of the initial medical and education visits can be done via Videoconference. Then, once all lab results are available, we will plan your face-to-face office-visits. Please keep in mind that all patients must be seen at least once in person at our clinic, and we highly recommend this visit be coordinated with either a Group New Patient or Group Lab Teaching Session to take full advantage of the educational process our clinic offers (see appropriate section for details). Thereafter, all future follow-up visits can be done via phone or videoconference with screen sharing. We are set up to work with out-of-state and overseas patients efficiently, and we ship all testing materials and products from our office to your home reliably.

General Pricing Information

New Patient Bundle Price:$ (covers all appointments in the ”New Patient Bundle”  described above)

New Patient & Lab Review appointments hourly: $, prorated to length of time spent with the doctor.

Follow up in-person/phone hourly: $, prorated to length of time spent with the doctor.

Pricing & Diagnostic Codes
Natural Balance is out of network for all insurance, and we do not bill your insurance. We will provide you with a itemized superbill for every encounter with the appropriate E&M codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement to you directly. However, please understand that we have literally given up on trying to figure out the whims of insurance and cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed as such. For your reference, we have included the codes and pricing we use for the New Patient Bundle and additional new and existing patient visits, phone consults, et cetera to assist you with checking with your insurance company ahead of time if you wish.

New Patient Visit (Bundle with “Group Visit” $):
Code        Description                                                           Amount
99205     New Patient Visit (90 minutes)                       $
99354     Medical Office Visit -extra time                       $
97802     Nutritional Consult (60 minutes)                   $

These codes are submitted in the same superbill with the Group Teaching Session ( 3.5 hours) and complimentary health coach visit (60 minutes) which have no billable codes associated.

Medical Office Visit to review labs (example of a 1.5 hours lab review appointment)
Code       Description                                                          Amount
99215     Medical Office Visit (60 minutes)                  $
99354    Medical Office Visit -extra time                      $

Follow-up visits
Code       Description                                                         Amount
99214     Medical Office Visit (35-45 minutes)            $
99213     Medical Office Visit (25-30 minutes)            $
99212     Medical Office Visit  (15-20 minutes)           $
99211     Medical Office Visit (10 minutes)                   $

Follow-up phone visits
Code      Description                                                           Amount
99443    Medical Phone Consult (25-30 minutes)       $
99442    Medical Phone Consult (15-20 minutes)       $
99441     Medical Phone Consult (10 minutes)             $