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Our practice specializes in a “Precision” approach to functional and restorative medicine for children and adults of all ages. We are known for our comprehensive team approach, pioneering group patient process, our functional and nutrigenomic testing, and our novel perspective on difficult problems such as MTHFR, Adrenal Fatigue, Autism, mood disorders, and integrative pain management. We address the care of the whole patient utilizing both Conventional AND Integrative Medicine in our quest to treat ‘dis-ease’ and promote ‘Natural Balance.’

The keystone to our approach is to see each child or adult as unique and to avoid categorizing patients based on prevailing opinions, realizing that imbalances stem from genetic, physical, emotional, energetic and environmental factors. We see ourselves as guides and custodians, but ultimately it is the patient or family who must work towards health and balance, and it is your own body that hails as the greatest healer. In essence, we partner with patients and families to achieve health and well-being. Because our repertoire is notably broader than most medical practices we are able to lay more on the table so-to-speak for patients to consider.

As a ‘Precision Medical’ practice, treating symptoms with pharmaceutical (i.e. prescription medications) is not our main objective, yet we can and do prescribe medications when necessary to make patients comfortable and functional. However, we do not sweep problems under the drug rug, and will diligently search for the underlying weakness leading to the imbalance. Once identified, we might address problems with lifestyle coaching, nutraceutical supplements , manipulations, acupuncture, bioenergetics, hyperbarics, detoxification, bio-neuro-feedback, or any number of other modalities or approaches we believe in (Special Disclosures).


How We Can Help

Integrative Medical Care

  • Caring for adults and children, assessing genetic susceptibilities to understand symptoms and disease
  • Highly regarded group patient education sessions for new patient orientation and lab reviews
  • Offering conventional & complimentary strategies, treating problems at their source
  • Utilizing a wide range of conventional and complimentary testing to identify the root cause
  • Personalized wellness programs and life-style coaching for optimal health for the whole family

Precision Approach to Mood & Functional Problems

  • stress recovery, chronic fatigue, adrenal (HPA) imbalances
  • chemical sensitivities, detoxification, food and environmental allergies
  • sleep problems, depression, OCD, anxiety, addictions
  • irritable bowel, vague digestive problems, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth
  • autism (ASD), AD(H)D, and other pediatric mood problems (see below)

Family Approach to Autism, AD(H)D, and mood problems

  • biomedical approaches: DAN, GAPS, therapeutic diets, detoxification
  • medical and therapy care for special-needs children and their families
  • guiding families to work together, so they can heal together
  • supporting the entire family unit holistically

Women’s – Men’s Health & Hormones

  •  Menopause, PMS
  •  Thyroid, Adrenal problems
  •  Male & Female hormone imbalance

Perplexing Pain & Physical conditions

  • fibromyalgia / myofascial pain
  • migraine, stress, and substance related headaches
  • injury related or functional/anatomical problems

Addiction Care

  • Personalized biomedical & nutritional healing programs
  • alcohol & recreational drugs (mild to moderated addictions)
  • prescription medication (when appropriate and/or desired)
  • over-the-counter analgesics, sleeping pills, diet pills
  • caffeine, nicotine, chemical sweeteners
  • sugar, carbohydrates, weight gain

We believe that by working as a team we will provide you and your family with the best care available.