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Letter to New Patients

“What conditions do we treat?  &  How do we treat these conditions differently?” 

Other than questions about “success rate” these are the most common questions we are asked by potential new patients. And while we don’t want to leave the impression that ours is only the way to address your health concerns, we do offer something special with our education-based Precision Medicine program. Also, many patients who come to us have been searching for years (with the exception of our pediatric members with Autism, ADD, and the like). Therefore, we are frequently asked how we intend to approach things differently. While the answer is a bit involved, the short answer is we improve a patient’s constitutional well being by studying genetic susceptibilities, physiological imbalances, and a puzzle which is uniquely yours, and yours alone. 

Regardless if you believe you have Fibromyalgia, thyroid, adrenal or hormone disorders, autoimmune problems, leaky gut… infections such as Lyme, EBV or Candida… metabolic problems like MTHFR, under-methylation, over-methylation, chemical sensitivity, heavy metal toxicity… Regardless if the diagnosis you have been given is Autism, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or any other perplexing conditions as such… There is a next-level explanation we’d like to show!

Using Precision Medicine we study your genetic blueprint and the physiological details of your labs to help solve a problem uniquely yours, in partnership with you. So the diagnosis or condition is a secondary consideration per se.  It’s nameless at this level and the jarring truth is many common ‘conditions’ ranging from migraine headaches, Autism, depression… to autoimmunity and just about any other ‘functional’ problem… can be linked to similar identifiable breakdowns at the molecular level. What determines the exact pattern of deterioration from one individual to another is who you are, genetically. This approach requires an extensive array of diagnostic tests to identify core imbalances. We then cross reference single nucleotide polymorphisms (genetic susceptibilities) with medical tests, use Neuroimaging, brain electrical testing, survey assessments, and any number of other tools to help us understand your puzzle fully!

What determines the type of treatment I receive for my particular condition?

Experience is the most reliable guide, and the litmus test of where to begin lies in addressing what is unique about you. Every treatment plan needs to be individualized. Not one size fits all. Not one diagnosis fits all. Forget the labels if possible. Know who you are first, then know your ‘condition.’ Every patient is unique, therefore conclusions reached have to based on each patient’s uniqueness. 

I’ll close simply by saying that our Precision Medicine program with group education is the crown jewel of our practice and you can enroll in this program with the utmost confidence that you will be well taken care of.

If you need any more information from me specifically, I’m available for 30 to 60 minute paid consultations to discuss your case prior to enrolling if needed and/or desired. I offer this in part because I know many of you have been through quite a lot and may need to to speak directly with me to keep trying. Just know we are here to help if possible and we have a proven track record of helping ‘tough patients’ get their lives back. 

Most Sincerely,
Dr Boggess

To enroll in our Precision Medicine program OR schedule a Meet & Greet consultation, please call Lili Boggess at 734-929-2696 ext 11. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you soon.