John Verhines – New Patients

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John Verhines is the head of Natural Balance’s portable hyperbarics rental and purchase programs. With his background as Dr. Boggess’ Patient Care Assistant, he has been a perfect fit for speaking to the great benefits of hyperbarics to patients young and old. John does all setup and training for our hyperbaric chambers and it brings him joy to see the impact of hyperbarics on patients lives. John has a passion for helping people build a strong foundation for their lives.


Portable Hyperbarics – Rental & Purchase

Why work with us? As a medical practice that specializes in integrative medicine we know the science of hyperbaric oxygen. We invite you to enjoy our website and call our office to inquire more about our programs.

Our Approach
We specialize in HBOT rental, purchase and rent to own programs. Ideally we rent and sell chambers to individuals who have been examined, diagnosed, and deemed in need of this type of therapy by a qualified clinician. Experience has taught that individuals gain most when HBOT therapy is combined with a physician’s hands-on protocols and expertise which means supervised therapy is always best.

When it comes to renting and purchasing medical equipment it’s important to be well informed. Even if you are not a patient of our clinic, we are available to answer general questions about hyperbaric therapy and offer the same discounted new and/or gently used OxyHealth hyperbaric chambers that we provide to our own patients.

Our Pledge
Natural Balance pledges to maintain integrity and our commitment to the well-being of patients and patrons seeking our treatment and/or advice regarding:

  • The quality of the chamber we recommend
  • Recommendation for HBOT when medically indicated
  • Recommendation for HBOT when improvements are likely
  • Respecting the restrictions and regulatory policies of the FDA

Generally speaking, it’s important to be able to evaluate an individual in the context of the most up-to-date literature and generally accepted standards for hyperbaric oxygen treatment to ensure the best outcomes. Please do not proceed with home therapy unless under the care and supervision of a knowledgeable clinician familiar with HBOT.

For more information about our Hyperbaric programs visit our Hyperbaric website. For a consultation and explanation of our programs, feel free to give John a call at 855-942-7246 ex 2.