Jenna Wunder – New Patients

jenna newJenna Wunder RD, MPH is a dietitian specializing in whole foods nutrition, the GAPS diet protocol, ALCAT Sensitivity Testing, and NAET allergy elimination techniques. She is well versed in both conventional and holistic dietary principals regarding a variety of conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pain, digestive disorders, weight issues, women’s health, behavioral disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.

Jenna was recently interviewed for an article “The Hidden Costs of MSG Derivatives” published in our local Crazy Wisdom Journal, January – April, 2016 

Dietary Bundle Visit: This visit is included in the price of the Bundle package with Dr. Boggess. Ms. Wunder will spend 60+ minutes in-person, on telephone, or on videoconference creating an individualized diet plan for each patient. She will distribute nutrition education materials that outline her recommendations. Additional time with Ms. Wunder, including follow-up visits, will be paid for out-of-pocket. This visit is scheduled at the time of enrolling in the Bundle Package .

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing: Included in the price of an ALCAT test that has been ordered through Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center, is a one-hour session with Ms. Wunder. She will review your results and help you to incorporate the necessary changes into your daily regimen.

Individualized Dietary Counseling: Ms. Wunder counsels patients on a one-to-one basis tailoring her recommendations based on the patient’s dietary needs and personal situation. A new patient visit is scheduled for 2 hours. Follow-up visits are scheduled 2-4 weeks after the initial visit for 30-45 minutes.

GAPS consultations: As a certified GAPS practitioner, Ms.Wunder counsels patients on implementing the GAPS diet to help treat chronic inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract and to promote intestinal healing. During the first visit, Ms.Wunder spends a minimum of 2 hours in-person or on videoconference with each patient. In this session, Jenna will teach on the basics of implementing the GAPS diet and will answer any questions a patient may have. A shorter follow-up visit is usually recommended 2-4 weeks following the first visit for approximately 1 hour.

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique): NAET is a non-invasive, pain-free, medication-free modality used to treat food, environmental, and emotional sensitivities.  A new patient NAET visit is an hour long. During this session Ms.Wunder will take a medical history, teach muscle testing, and treat a first allergen. Each follow up visit includes an additional treatment and are 30 minutes in duration. It is recommended that follow-up visits occur weekly until goals are obtained. Some patients choose to come twice a week while others come every other week based on the distance needed to travel to our office. How long a particular patient will continue with NAET treatments varies depending on severity of allergies/sensitivities and frequency of visits.

Emotional Release: When an individual experiences trauma or continued stress, it is not uncommon that negative emotions become ‘stuck’ in the body, potentially causing symptoms and/or chronic illness. Emotional Release sessions therefore ‘release’ stuck emotions allowing the body to be able to heal more effectively. The initial new patient visit will be a minimum of 2 hours. Follow-up sessions are generally 1.5 hours. Ms. Wunder will tailor the length of the sessions based on the severity of the trauma or degree of emotional blockages that need to be released.

Comprehensive Candida Program: New patients will meet individually with Ms. Wunder for a minimum of 2 hours.  In this first session, Jenna will discuss the full Candida protocol which includes dietary and supplement recommendations.  Patients will have all of the information they need to implement the diet and start supplements after this initial visit.  Follow-up visits are scheduled every 2-4 weeks based on individual needs.  Duration of treatment is 2-6 months depending on severity of overgrowth and other individual factors.

General Pricing Information

GAPS Consultation: $150 per hour

Individual Dietary Counseling Visit: $150 per hour

New Patient NAET Visit: $150 per hour

Emotional Release Visit: $150 per hour

NAET follow-up Visits: $75 per visit / *$65 per visit (when more than one member in a family is actively undergoing NAET treatments)

All follow-up Visits (other than NAET): $150 per hour