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How WE are different?

We are asked this question often because most patients come to us after searching from doctor to doctor for solutions to their health problems. While the answer can be quite involved our short answer re “How WE are different” is:

We improve a patient’s constitutional well being by treating health imbalances and teaming up with our patients to solve your health problems at the source. We do this by extensively educating you about your health status using an array of functional medicine tests to identify core imbalances and cross reference these with genetic testing, brain electrical testing, and any number of other standard and alternative diagnostic tools on a case-to-case basis to help you understand your health puzzle fully! 

Regardless of any diagnoses you have been given, past or present… There is a next-level explanation WE would love to show you!

Essentially… IF what you seek is to fully understand your health imbalances in the context of advanced medical, nutritional, and genetic testing and you wish to have those details explained fully in the context of your entire health circumstances, you are teaming up with the right clinic. In fact, our team is  known nationally for our efforts to educate patients via informative videos, group patient interactions, and video-conference seminars

What determines the type of treatment I receive?

Experience is the most reliable guide, and the litmus test of where to begin lies in addressing what is unique about you. Every treatment plan needs to be individualized. Not one size fits all. Not one diagnosis fits all. Every patient is unique, therefore the type of treatment we offer is highly individualized. 

While our Precision Medicine program with group education is the crown jewel of our practice, we recognize it is also a significant investment in time and resources. Therefore our doctors make themselves available for 30 to 60 minute paid consultations to discuss your case prior to enrolling if needed and/or desired. Experience has taught that many perspective patients have been through quite a lot and may need to to speak directly with one of our doctors prior to deciding to work with us. Just know we are here to help if possible and we have a proven track record of helping ‘tough patients’ get their lives back. 

To learn more about our Precision Medicine program OR  to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, please call Lili Boggess at 734-929-2696 ext 11. We are here to help you and look forward to hearing from you soon.