Patient Education Sessions

At Natural Balance we are known for our precision, individualized approach to patients, and we often boasts success helping patients and families with issues and symptoms considered unsolvable by other clinics.

Our high-level care starts with an initial 3-hour group orientation and open forum questions for new patients where we talk about the fundamentals of ‘Precision Medicine’, Nutrigenomics, and how we put it all together to tackle life-impacting symptoms and rehabilitate your health.  For years we’ve been know for the extensive educational piece one-on-one, however, this was more expensive for patients and created long wait times for new patients wanting to see us.  The Group Education Sessions, combined with subsequent dedicated one-on-one time with our doctors and clinicians has allowed us to offer an even better patient experience in a more efficient and cost effective way. The advantage of providing group educational opportunities has proven itself time and time again by increasing patient confidence, compliance, and motivation during the initial information gathering and protocol stages. It also has led to more efficient, shorter, and more cost effective follow-up visits once treatment is fully underway – a win-win for our patients and our clinic.

As a clinic committed to serving those who come to us with excellence, you can be certain we have asked for our patients opinions, and the feedback we have received has been unanimously positive since the program started in 2013. To further understand the specifics of our Group Patient Education process, please visit the New Patient section of our website for more detailed information.