Emotional Support Techniques

Our clinic offers a variety of modalities to release past emotions and diffuse intense feelings around triggering subjects. Experience has taught us that this is often needed to help our patients get “unstuck” and facilitate greater success with our treatments.

jenna new

Emotional Release

This is an applied kinesiology approach using muscle testing & bioenergetics to reveal trauma and emotional charge embedded in the body. Stimulating traditional acupuncture points and spinal (sympathetic nerves) while at the same time holding-in-mind events that “haunt” us, we are given life-changing insights and a gateway to release trauma and blocked emotions. Thereafter the body can reset back to its balanced state and leave behind intense “survival programs” triggered by past events. During the first session, Jenna takes a thorough history of life’s painful moments including childhood dynamics with primary caregivers, acute traumatic events, and negative patterns that have existed throughout one’s lifetime. Over the last several years, this technique has proven incredibly helpful to some of our most complex patients, especially those exhausted by their own efforts to heal. Sessions are in-person at our Medical Center and typically last between 90 to 120 minutes.

Jenna Wunder RDN, MPH is a whole foods dietitian nutritionist, who uses her clinical knowledge to assist our patients to achieve healthier, allergy-free, and emotionally secure lives. With 15+ years of clinical experience helping individuals take control of their health, she is well versed in both conventional and holistic dietary principals regarding a variety of conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive health, weight, behavioral, and autism spectrum disorders. She is also GAPS certified and teaches fermentation and broth classes. As an Advanced NAET Practitioner, she uses applied kinesiology and bioenergetics skills to assess and treat subtle food intolerances, and has developed especially important skills in treating emotional imbalances!

Lili Boggess

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory)

This is a body-centered approach to effortlessly access your emotional operating system. In your session, Lili facilitates a safe and supportive space while you locate powerful internal resources and wisdom to bring new insights and freedom regarding your health and life circumstances. Sessions are offered in-person (at our Medical Center), over the phone, or via video conference. A RIM session is typically 90 to 120 minutes

As our Clinic Manager, Lili has been essential to the success and evolution of Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center. While she remains the primary mother figure to our staff and clinicians, she also loves sharing these more esoteric skills with those who need or want her help. In fact, the RIM technique was an essential part of her own search for self-evolution and emotional freedom several years ago. Enamored by its innate “power to empower,” she decided to embark on the rigorous training program offered by its founder Dr. Deb Sandella. Having completed an intense 2-year training process, she is now one of only several individuals in the world qualified to offer this technique to others.