Dr. Soorya New Patient Process

We have created 3 options to move forward with our clinic .

Option 1: Precision Medicine Approach

which is the most comprehensive and popular way to get started with the clinic. We use the patient’s genetics data to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together with all the other biomedical testing. We also use our team approach to ensure that we don’t leave any stone un-turned in the process. Our Precision Medicine Program  is ideal for patients with Puzzling Conditions wanting to find answers, as well as patients looking for a comprehensive Preventive Wellness modality. You can learn more about this by visiting Precision Medicine – New Patient Bundle ($1470). This page also includes orientation videos and sample teaching and lab review session with Dr. Boggess to help you more fully understand our approach to healing and wellness.

Option 2: Simplified Program (without genetics)

Dr. Soorya, who is part of our Precision Medicine team, some times takes on patients who are looking for a simplified version of our program without the use of genetics. Information about Dr. Soorya’s New Patient Bundle is below.

Option 3: Phone Consultation with Dr. Boggess or Dr. Soorya: 

If you wish, you may start with an informal phone consultation with one of our doctors for 30 minutes, so you can directly connect with the doctor before you make any decision and get reassurance on your decision to get started with us. This consultation is $225. If you decide to become a new patients, and depending on the complexity of your case, this time can often be considered part of your new patient visit.

New Patient Bundle – Dr. Soorya

At Natural Balance we are proud to provide Precision Care Medicine and Advance NeuroCare. Please visit our team and services for more information about the way we practice and meet our clinical staff.

To learn more about Dr. Soorya you can visit: Dr. Soorya 

Pricing New Patient  Bundle with Dr. Soorya ($565/hr): 

1 In Office visit with Dr. Soorya (90 min):  Prior to this appointment, you will have completed our online New Patient Questionnaire. The purpose of this intake will be to “hear your story,” collect important health information and get you started on any labs we may need to order. This appointment also includes a complete medical exam, evaluation and assessment.

2. Lab-Kits video conference with Leslie, our Patient Care Coordinator (10-20 min): Many of the diagnostic test we order have very specific instructions for collection as well as “hoops” required for insurance coverage. Therefore we set aside dedicated time to answer all your questions and assist you with collecting your specimens and submitting your paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. We will also use the opportunity to help set up your computer to use our secure video conferencing tool for future consults and educational sessions when/if needed based on your local.

The New Patient Bundle with Dr. Soorya includes all the above appointments. This pricing does not include any testing or visits to review labs.

General Pricing Information: 

-Appointments to Review Labs: $370/hr, prorated to the length of time spent with the doctor. Depending on the number of labs ordered, this appointment may be anywhere between 1 to 2 hours.

-Follow up Appointments - $95 to $350 depending on the level of complexity:  After completing the Lab Review process, the time-frame and hourly rates switch to our standard follow-up fee scheduleand are generally 30-40 minutes until progress is underway (usually 1-2 additional visits). Then, 20-30 minutes every 6-12 weeks, depending on the situation. The reason we follow-up frequently is that your condition and the recovery process is dynamic and changing, so our treatment approach has to be equally dynamic and changing. The same approach that is ideal for you in the beginning may be harmful 3-6 months later. Likewise too much nutritional supplementation for too long can be equally or even more harmful than the original deficiencies being treated. Therefore, we work intensively, follow up closely, and adjust our protocols carefully and frequently in partnership with our patients. 

Billing Statements (also known as Super Bill)

Natural Balance is out of network for all insurance, and we don’t bill your insurance. We will provide you with a super bill for every encounter with the appropriate codes to submit to your insurance for reimbursement to you directly. But please know that we have literally given up on trying to figure out the whims of insurance and cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed as such. For your reference, following are the codes we usually provide with your super bill.

dr soorya box

Please note this is for information only, as rates and codes are subject to change without notice.

To schedule your New Patient appointment or for if you have any other questions, please contact our New Patient Coordinator, Lil, at 734-929-2696 ext. 11  

We hope you found this information useful and we look forward to working with you in the near future.