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berry newDr. Yvonne Berry is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who developed impressive skills and knowledge related to CIRS-WDB (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome acquired from exposure to the interior of water damaged buildings), a form of biotoxin illness, as a result of her own personal struggles. After recognizing the impact of environmental factors on her own health, Dr. Berry compiled information on Mold and Biotoxin Illness into a training manual based on the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, a renowned Biotoxin Illness Specialist. She has been recognized for effectively whittling this complex topic into educational material for physicians and patients alike.

She is currently part of the distinguished Surviving Mold Physicians group. As a member of the 2018 Consensus Panel of Surviving Mold Physicians, Dr. Berry co-authored the CIRS Diagnostic Protocol, published in 5/2018 (see link below). In particular, she penned the section regarding the Biotoxin Illness Pathway pathophysiology.

“This comprehensive paper is the culmination of extensive collaboration between SM certified providers Scott McMahon MD, Karen Johnson MD, Ming Dooley, Lysander Jim MD, Yvonne Berry MD and Ritchie Shoemaker MD; James Ryan PhD and Michael Schrantz, IEP. This paper will serve as a definitive statement for new providers, interested professionals and patients alike.” Reference: www.survivingmold.com


She has been utilizing the Shoemaker Protocol with patients since 2013, and is ideally poised to continue to help adult and pediatric patients navigate the complexities of this condition.

New Patients: Dr. Berry has a very unique, highly specialized practice, giving exquisite tailored care to each patient. For new patients interested in starting care under Dr. Berry for CIRS, please reach out to our office at 734-929-2696.

*As of 5/2018 – There is limited space for new patients so openings may be filling quickly.

New Patient Process

Biotoxin Illness / CIRS Program

Please visit this link for information the  New Patient Process for CIRS / Biotoxin Illness