Dr. Berke – New Patients

DrBurke CroppedAmy Berke, MD is a family medicine trained physician who centers her approach to hormonal and thyroid problems, neurochemical imbalance, digestive problems and autoimmunity, around the leading edge concepts of Integrative Medicine. Having trained with Dr. Boggess in Nutrigenomics she assists with our nationally recognized, pioneering small group programs and also works one-on-one with patients.  Working in harmony with the body, she uses both conventional and natural therapies including vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and bio-identical hormones to encourage health and healing.

Along side the rest of the Natural Balance team, Dr. Amy searches diligently for the root cause of illness and has success in treating a range of chronic illnesses. She utilizes comprehensive diagnostic testing to get to the bottom of things, especially pertaining to her work with biotoxic Mold and our clinic’s CIRS Program for patients impacted by the exposure to water damaged buildings. Having recognized that many people suffer from immune over-response without knowing it, she has made mastering the intricacies of the innate immune system an integral part of her mission to help patients. As such, she is gaining certification in Dr. Shoemaker’s rigorous Mold Toxicity/CIRS training program.

Dr. Amy received her medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed her residency at St. Joseph Mercy.

New Patient Process – General 

Integrative, Holistic Medical Care (New Patient – 90 minutes): Your first appointment with Dr. Berke consists of a comprehensive history and physical examination, ordering pertinent labs/tests, and discussion of initial treatment plan. You will be asked to complete our online New Patient Questionnaire two weeks prior to the first appointment for Dr. Berke’s pre-review of your paperwork.

Integrative, Holistic Medical Care (Follow up – 15 to 60 minutes): Follow up appointment with Dr. Berke are required to review labs, develop a treatment plan, follow progress. Visit times generally range from 15 to 60 minutes depending on level of complexity and need. For the convenience for our out-of-area patients, Dr. Berke can conduct patient care via email (when appropriate), phone, and videoconference at our clinic’s standard physician hourly rates (see below), billed in 15-minute intervals.

Out-Of-State Patients

Many patients come to us from outside of Michigan. In such case, we customize visits based on the complexity of the patient/situation, and whether or not you are traveling from out-of-state or overseas. A paid, 30-minute, phone meeting with the doctor can be scheduled to provide the opportunity to talk with the doctor and help to solidify one’s decision to work with our clinic. Once schedule many of the initial medical and education visits can be done via Videoconference. Then, once all lab results are available, we will plan your face-to-face office-visits. Please keep in mind that all patients must be seen at least once in person at our clinic, and we highly recommend this visit be coordinated with either a Group New Patient or Group Lab Teaching Session to take full advantage of the educational process our clinic offers (see appropriate section for details). Thereafter, all future follow-up visits can be done via phone or videoconference with screen sharing. We are set up to work with out-of-state and overseas patients efficiently, and we ship all testing materials and products from our office to your home reliably.

New Patient Process – Biotoxin Illness / CIRS Program (New Patient Bundle)

Please visit this link for information the  New Patient Process for CIRS / Biotoxin Illness