Darci Kudzma – New Patients

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Darci Kudzma RN acquired most of her nursing skills at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Following a successful career in Intensive Care nursing she began focusing on raising her 3 children, including one daughter with severe scoliosis and special medical needs. Like most members of our team, Darci is driven and passionate about alternative approaches to health and healing. Her motivations in part due to her struggles and success advocating for a non-surgical, therapy-based approach to correcting her daughter’s scoliosis. 

Presently Darci’s passions lean towards supporting our clinic patient’s, holistic prevention and alternatives, detoxification, hyperbaric and sleep medicine. She is a Certified Detoxification Specialist (ISOD) trained in iridology and bioenergy techniques such as RIFE. At our clinic, Darci wears many hats including supporting Dr. Boggess’ patients, reviewing test results, supervising hyperbaric and sleep medicine, and other protocols for our patients. 
If her energy to help and educate our patients could be bottled and sold we all would be very rich indeed. “Helping others through difficult times to take positive steps towards a happier healthier life” is what she wakes up to do.
In Her free time Darci loves preparing raw food delicacies, gardening, traveling and tennis.