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Autism, Theory of Cause

*Oxidative Stress *Undermethylation *Genetics

Adopted from the “Bermuda Triangle Theory” as presented by Walsh Research Institute based on more than 50,000 chemical assays of blood and urine in Autistic children and adults.

1. The heritable component of autism derives from a combination of DNA polymorphisms and epigenetic defects. The relative contribution of these factors is unknown.

2. The primary harm from genetic/epigenetic defects involves weakened ability to cope with oxidative stress.

3. In utero environmental contributions to autism are primarily epigenetic in nature.

4. Post-partum triggers for autism include toxic exposures, immune challenges, and other environmental insults that increase oxidative stress.

5. The body’s natural protectors against oxidative stress (e.g., glutathione, metallothionein, selenium, super oxide dismutase, ceruloplasmin, and cysteine)
 are gradually weakened until a threshold
is reached in which their effectiveness collapses. This event results in a sudden increase in oxidative stress and inflammation within the brain.

6. In regressive autism, the sudden increase in oxidative stress and inflammation can cause a rapid decline in mental functioning (e.g., loss of speech, behavioral changes, and divergent gaze).

7. Autism symptoms persist unless powerful antioxidant therapy is provided.

8. Rampant oxidative stress impairs protein digestion and weakens intestinal and blood- brain barriers.

9. Sharply reduced metallothionein activity greatly slows development of brain cells, resulting in an immature brain

10. Severity of autism depends on the relative progress in brain development prior to inundation by oxidative stress.

11. If untreated, excessive oxidative stress can result in gradual loss of brain cells and mental retardation by age 20.

12. Antioxidant therapies together with applied behavior analysis (ABA) offer the promise of a better life for autistic children. If started in earnest prior to age four, a greater possibility of recovery exists.

What Patients Are Saying…

Autism & Seizures: We started bringing our son with autism to Dr. Boggess in 2009 and he is wonderful!  He is always kind no matter how rushed he is, or how many people he has waiting to see him. He is also very conscious and makes no promises as to whether or not his treatments will help, but it really does! When we first started seeing Dr. Boggess, his digestion was wrecked, he was eating only 3 foods, drinking only water, and having seizures daily.  As his mom, it really broke my heart!  After a series of biomedical treatments driving 4 hours round trip, our son is now eating too many foods to even count. He is happier, is eating more, gaining weight, and is having very few seizures thanks to the treatments we received. We have seen many holistic doctors who treat Autism over the years, but I wish we had started with Dr Boggess, it would have saved us a lot of money not to mention getting our son well sooner. We highly recommend working with him. Mary S. – St. Joe, Michigan

Autism: The Natural Balance staff, Dena, and Dr. Boggess continue to guide our family towards our best options for recovering our son. It needs to be said that when our son was diagnosed with Autism “the whole family was diagnosed” as Dr. Boggess puts it. This clinic really strives to treat the whole family and we are very glad we found them. M&J – Waterford, Michigan

Autism & HBOT: Our son was diagnosed to be on Autism Spectrum when he was 4 1/2. We tried many biomedical interventions, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and various restrictive diets. Dr. Boggess suggested that hyperbaric therapy was the next reasonable step given multiple positive responses thus far. We rented a chamber from Natural Balance for 1 month and made sure he underwent two separate dives per day, an hour long each.  It was a big time commitment, but we were hopeful it would pay off–and it did!  The advances we saw with the home oxygen therapy were phenomenal!  Prior to HBOT, our son was not able to use the phonetic sound “yuh”. We had been working with a speech therapist for over 2 years on these issues but had made no progress.  While undergoing HBOT, we continued daily speech therapy exercises. His speech therapist was amazed!!!  He also stopped wetting the bed at night, which Dr. Boggess attributed to improvement in his sensory sensitivities. The light switch had finally turned on for our son in these areas!  All of these gains have held after several months. We are very pleased with the progress he achieved using home HBOT — money and time well spentfor our son. Dr. Yvonne & “a very thankful family” – Westland, Michigan

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